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Andrew Lansley confronted by June Hautot about NHS reforms‘Greedy’ Lansley confronted by NHS protester before crucial summitHealth secretary Andrew Lansley faced angry protesters outside Downing St – spearheaded by vocal June Hautot – as David Cameron went ahead with a highly-criticised summit on planned reforms. 
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Andrew Burls Cross-eyed Peckham riots arsonist Andrew Burls jailed for eight yearsA cross-eyed arsonist who caused more than £1million of damage during the London riots has been jailed for eight years. 
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Minnie DriverMinnie Driver reveals identity of son’s father after three yearsMinnie Driver has finally revealed the identity of the father of her son, after keeping it a secret for three years. 
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Whitney HoustonWhitney Houston’s possessions to go up for auction next monthPersonal effects belonging to tragic star Whitney Houston will go under the hammer next month in a celebrity auction, it has been revealed. 
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Andre Villas-Boas Andre Villas-Boas asks bosses to publicly back Chelsea plansChelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas has admitted he would be helped if the club’s bosses would come out and publicly back his approach to the job. 
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Chisora, Haye brawlDereck Chisora and David Haye could face lifetime boxing bans after brawlDereck Chisora and David Haye could face lifetime bans from boxing over their shocking press conference brawl. 
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Jeremy Clarkson, The One ShowJeremy Clarkson cleared by Ofcom over The One Show strike commentsJeremy Clarkson has been cleared of wrongdoing by Ofcom after saying public sector workers ‘should be shot’ on The One Show, with the broadcasting watchdog concluding the comments ‘were not made seriously’. 
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TOWIE saw the arrival of its smallest star (Picture: ITV)Chloe Sims’ daughter Madison arrives on TOWIE with her four BlackBerrysTOWIE star Chloe Sims allowed her six-year-old daughter to feature on Sunday night’s show, revealing that Madison has had BlackBerry phones since the age of four. 
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Tekken 3D Prime EditionTekken 3D Prime Edition review – sucker punchThe 3DS gets yet another beat ’em-up, but can this new version of Namco’s classic 3D fighter really work without compromise on Nintendo’s portable? 
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Call Of Duty: Black Ops - want to know how Woods got those tattoos?Black Ops 2 listed on Amazon, as Call Of Duty Vita promised for autumnTwo more references to Black Ops 2 have appeared online, with the game mentioned on both Amazon and a developer’s CV; as Sony promises that a version of Call Of Duty for PS Vita will be out this year. 
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Alex James, Blur, Brit Awards 2012Blur unveil new song as Alex James hints Brit Awards gig may be their lastBlur have debuted a brand new song called Under The Westway at a pre-Brit Awards charity gig as Alex James hinted that their performance at tomorrow’s ceremony could be their last ever show. 
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Cher LloydCher Lloyd wows G-A-Y crowd in a colourful skin-tight jumpsuitCher Lloyd gave Jessie J a run for her money as she performed at G-A-Y over the weekend in a cartoon print jumpsuit. 
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 Tech & Gadgets

Apple claims to own the iPad trademark in China but a court in southern China's Guangdong province has ruled against the California companyChinese retailers told to stop selling iPads over trademark rowRetailers in more than ten Chinese cities have been ordered to take iPads off their shelves after the company that claims ownership of the tablet trademark won a court ruling. 
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Sky Go will be available to subscribers with an Android phoneSky Go now available on Android as three more channels added to serviceThe Sky Go service for mobile devices has launched on the Android platform and is now available on a selection of phones. 
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Judi DenchJudi Dench rubbishes blindness rumours: It’s been overblownJudi Dench has hit back at reports that she’s going blind after admitting that she is suffering from macular degeneration and insists the rumours have been ‘overblown’. 
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Whitney Houston, The Bodyguard Whitney Houston film The Bodyguard to be turned into West End musicalWhitney Houston’s most famous film The Bodyguard is set to open in London’s West End as a musical. 
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Pedro Sanchez, dwarf bullfighterDwarf bullfighters ‘trying to change people’s perception of short people’A posse of dwarf matadors are attempting to change people’s perceptions of short people by touring South America with their popular bullfighting shows. 
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Dome homeSpace dome pops up at the bottom of rural Romanian mountainsIt seems Romanian planning laws are not nearly as strict as here in the UK after one family decided to pitch up at the bottom of an empty mountain and construct a truly unusual space dome home 
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 Odd Balls

Ever Banega ran over his own foot at a petrol station this weekendEver Banega suffers ‘automobile mishap’ after running over his footValencia midfielder Ever Banega has undergone an operation on his injured ankle after accidentally running himself over with his own car. 
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Nicklas Bendtner's hat was not well received (Twitter) Sunderland’s Nicklas Bendtner amuses Twitter with a dodgy hatNicklas Bendtner wasn’t playing in Sunderland’s 2-0 FA Cup win over Arsenal, but managed to grab a slice of the limelight on Twitter thanks to his choice of hat. 
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